Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jody and Matt at The Eisenhower House, Newport

Posted by Trish:

Not that it's news or anything, but it was raining again on a Saturday... never fear though, Jody was prepared! Between really fun rain boots and a great attitude we were good to go! Melissa was my fabulous second shooter and adorable side kick for the day.

Matt's cousin from Floral Express did and amazing job on the flowers!

They rented this really fun house in Newport right near the beach for getting ready. I love her gown, she got it a Kleinfeld's in NYC. I totally watch 'Say Yes to the Dress, don't tell anyone.

Beautiful invitations from Sofia at 'Designs by Sofia'

The flower girl was in full on sparkle!

How cute is Jody in these fun boots, here she is on her way to see Matt for the first time.

Matt was coming with the family tot he house by trolley and they were a bit late. The good news is that it rained the entire time we were waiting but then stopped as soon as he got there! He just has that effect I guess.

They saw each other for the first time at this great spot at first beach in Newport. (pix by Melissa)

The tide was REALLY high that day, but made for some cool shots even tough we couldn't really go onto the beach.

Matt was excited and a little emotional before seeing his bride, very sweet!

I was loving that big rock behind them, very dramatic! (a Melissa shot)

Our beautiful bride perched upon another rock.

Then we ventured over to 40 steps for some wedding party action... (Melissa)

OK, wow! Had it not been a stormy day this would have been kind of boring...well maybe not boring but not this dramatic! By the way, Leah and Ashley were on hand from A New Leaf Salon in Bristol to do Jody's hair and make-up. (another great Melissa shot)

It's looking kind of West coast I think, just without the sunshine. Which by the way is totally overrated.

It always seems like a lot more than 40 steps, and it's STEEP! I always get so nervous when the ladies are trekking down there in high heels! Luckily Jody had sensible boots on.

Kids and puppies, pretty high on the cuteness scale!

Matt being an excellent almost-husband and helping his bride navigate around.

I'm really lichen this shot a lot.

Much to Jody's horror the original trolley company canceled on her the week before the wedding!!!!! But luckily she was able to get another one at the last minute, so that we could get this cute photo. Oh, and drive everyone around Newport.

Back to the Eisenhower House for the ceremony and reception. Such a cool place!

I heart shells. I personally stick shells on just about everything!

SO I can't decide whether to call this one rocks on rocks or ice on ice. But really I guess it should just be rings on sea glass, either way it's fun!

The brides room upstairs is so pretty and has a great vintage feel to it.

I thought that this was such a sweet 'bridal scene'.

A few last minute touch ups before the ceremony.

This is my 'Martha Stewart' shot.

See you tomorrow for part 2, the ceremony and reception!

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  1. Wow! Phenomenal job on the pictures! I have never seen my flowers look so good!! Of course, Jody made a beautiful bride and Matt was a very handsome groom : ). Love the pics and the comments to go with them. I posted a link to this on my facebook!!