Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lauren (Loi) and Jon's Photdate in Warren, RI

Posted by Melissa:

I met Loi and Jon at Loi's parents house in Warren for thier photodate. The house is right on the water. It's a beautiful spot!

Here's Oscar, Loi and Jon's puppy. He is only a year and a half so he's got tons of energy! Another reason Oscar was excited is that he lives in the city. This is his big chance to run and he isn't missing a second!

That's Loi's parents house on top of the hill in the back. Pretty awesome location!

Jon trying to control Oscar for a photo or two.

I love the color of this grass!

There's something sort of 70's about this photo! It just makes me sing "There is a season turn, turn, turn..."

I love this one!

The classic portrait...

I love this one too!

Before our photodate Loi sent me a web site that highlighted some BAD engagement photos. My hubby and I had a good laugh going through them. Obviously this one would not be on it. More like the web site for best ones ever.

More grass! When I like something I go with it!

I think we were wearing Oscar out a little. He was finally ready to sit.

There were so many great spots down near that water!

Here we are on our way back up to the house. I love this steep staircase althought it's a little scary for someone as clumpsy as myself.

We were snapping some photos in the yard. Loi's Mom came out to say hello and "Don't take a photo in front of the ugly shed door." Oops! Honestly when I pulled up to the house I was thought "I'm totally taking thier photo in front of the shed!" I hope my photo changes her mind.

Oscar!!!! How cute is he?

Loi and Jon are getting married next October so why not do some "fallish" ring photos.

This one was Loi's idea! Very nice!

I wasn't kidding when I said he was worn out! This was the last photo I snapped before I left.

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