Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sarah and Wes at Astor's Beechwood, Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Sarah and Wes planned their ceremony for just before sunset... in keeping with Sarah's dramatic flair! I love the photos of their puppy "Nuggs" on the "collar" of the Astor's doggies.

These beautiful arrangements are by Sayles.

Sarah waiting upstairs...

I love this spot.


Lining up for the ceremony.

Sarah and her dad.

The big moment.

It was a little windy, which made for some dramatic "veil" effects.

A dog's eye view.

Notice the veil is missing... darn wind!

Mr. and Mrs!

Definitely time for some cocktails.

The ballroom was glowing- so gorgeous! Trish got all these amazing detail shots. It's her specialty (well one of them).

Stealthy Trish also got these next photos of Sarah and Wes having a sweet moment.

I like the kids looking on.

Making their big entrance.

Swirling around the dance floor!

Cutting into that yummy cake.

I love this photo!

A little snuggling on the couch is always a hit!

The End.

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