Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Julie and Russ at Castel Hill in Newport, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

Time to get married, and still no sign of any hurricanes! Whew!

I mentioned before that Julie is crazy for musicals, she actually walked down the aisle to a song from Legally Blond. She jokingly said that the best part about the day is that everyone had to listen to her music and they couldn't make her change it! ha ha!

Russ sneaking a kiss pre-vows! Scandalous!

The evening light was amazing.

Love this one.

Proud Parents.

I just love the warm summery feeling of this one.

Here's our Melissa... snapping it up during the ceremony!

And here's her shot- love it! How happy do they look?!

Nancy from Castle Hill is spreading a little love and congrats!

You know what they say... it's cocktail hour somewhere!

Julie and Russ having a sweet moment with Julie's parents.

All the parents... Cheers! How cute!

Did someone say sunset? Here's another little CH nook...

We walked across the lawn for a few more photos in the sunset...

...and a few more minutes relaxing! Getting married is hard work!

Love this one- so romantic.

Apparently Julie has a talent for match making! She introduced all these couples!

Time to head back to the tent- but let's get one more photo!

Melissa is a smart snapper and photographed all these pretty details earlier in the day before the tent was mobbed with wedding guests.

Got to love the bridal party tunnel!

I think this is going to be a fun party!

Melissa's angle...

...and this one too.

...and this one was mine.

A classic.

It's only fitting that Julie (lover of all things musical) should be serenaded on her wedding day. I love her impromptu "ottoman," very nice. A girl feels like a queen with this kind of treatment.


What?! Russ' brother- a pretty limber guy I guess.

"Charlie how your angels get down like that?"

More fun with tunnels.

The ladies are not about to be outdone.

Russ looks bored.

It was a memorable evening for sure!

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