Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kate and Peter's Wedding at Shelter Harbor Golf Club Part 1

Posted by Melissa:
Kate and Peter had were lucky enough to have a beautiful day for their wedding. Lucky for them because they were planning an outdoor ceremony at Kate's parents house. There aren't many rain options with a plan like that.
Here are the bridesmaids waiting for the word from Kate to start helping her get ready!

Time to get things moving!

Is this a Barbie doll's waist!? No! That's Kate! What! Isn't her ring beautiful?

Fun with fluffing!

I love this picture! This is right before she had her veil put in.

Apparently this cat thinks weddings are BORING! Pets are always a fun element to a wedding at a private residence. They are usually running amuck! The worst I saw this little cat do was play with a ribbon or two on a flower arrangement during the ceremony. Not as bad as the dog I once saw eating hors d'oeuvres off a table when no one was looking.

Lisa got this great shot of Kate waiting to do some pictures with the bridesmaids

I love this spot! Another plus of doing weddings at someone's house - new photo ops! It's fun to go walking around a new place looking for spots to take pics. You never know what cool little nooks you'll find!

Our lovely bride, Kate

Here is Kate and her Mom. Before I left Mrs. Lovejoy showered me with compliments that made me so happy that I could have just burst. It's so important to me that I do a good job not only taking nice pictures, but also making it a fun experience for everyone involved. Her kind words really meant a lot.

All the ladies on their way to one of my favorite spots...

This spot!! The light was perfect! I love this picture!

And this one! Same spot different angle! Love it!

Off to wait inside to get married!

Lisa went off to see the guys to do some pictures. She was nervous and I was nervous for her. Peter is a huge Notre Dame fan! They were playing and he wanted to watch every second of the game that he could. She didn't know if she was going to get kicked out when she showed up to do photos. Thankfully she got there and met up with his guy! He was very nice and ready to leave the game to do pictures (sort of).

I was told that if Peter had any problems switching the game off Lisa should defer to the best man, Ryan. Here is Ryan doing some goofy shots with Peter.

The guys waiting to make their way over to the ceremony

A beautiful bouquet from Weedweavers

Peter and Ryan waiting on the dock for the ceremony to begin

Another beautiful bouquet! Weedweavers does such an amazing job! They actually did Trish's wedding!

Getting ready to come down the aisle...

Lisa got this great shot of Peter watching Kate come down the aisle.

What a beautiful spot to have a wedding!

Married!!! (Lisa again!)

I love this shot taken right after the ceremony!
Stay tuned for more pics in part 2 tomorrow!

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