Saturday, October 24, 2009

Erin and Eric at The Popponessett Inn on Cape Cod, Part 1

Posted by Melissa:

Here we are a couple of days after the engagement shoot for the big day! I was looking forward to this wedding for many reasons. One reason is because Mariah came with me as my second shooter. I was excited to be able to boss her around!!

Here's Erin getting her makeup done and loving it.

Her bouquet...

While I was taking photos of Erin's shoes...

Mariah was off with the guys taking photos of Eric's shoes! Nothing like a cool pair of sneakers! Erin told me that one of the reasons they hired me was because in my "about me" on the web site I mentioned the love I have for my converse one stars.

Here's Eric rockin' those sneaks on the beach.

Another great pic of Eric by Mariah.

Mariah keeping with the "E" theme of the wedding. She's a good little helper.

All the men in their vans including Eric's Dad!

Erin and Eric are smarties and decided to do photos before the ceremony. Here they are about to see each other for the first time that day.

Everyone is happy including me! I love this photo!

Mariah got this photo of me snapping...

This photo! Love it!

Such a great spot!

Mariah was excited for this one!

Going to meet the rest of the wedding party.

There they are! This shot is becoming a snap specialty.

The ladies posing...

While Eric, his bro, and Dad look on.

The guys are up.

How great is that? Mariah took this one. I won't fire her.

I got this one! I do love it! Had some major help from Mother Nature. The sky looked so great! Erin and Eric are getting a canvas. This may be a candidate!

I love that Erin's dress had pockets! Pretty stylish!

The whole gang!

So Mariah and I decided to do an experiment. A little fun with the camera here and the wedding party! Thanks for running around guys! Here's my angle...

Here's Mariah's. She was standing on a life guard chair.

Another one from the life guard chair.

All the boys jumping! Except for Dad. His job was to look cool.

AND the landing! So fun! Love those purple socks!

Some family photos! Here's Erin's family! They are going to be doing this all over again next summer when Erin's sister gets married!!

Eric and his Mom. She is a super fun lady.

Love the "Dad" hanky...

Another great spot on this beach!?!?! It's out of control! Canvas?

Or this for the canvas! Good luck picking, guys! We made it hard for you.

While I was taking the above photos Mariah came running up to me like a little kid on Christmas day. She found these crabs and she needed the rings ASAP! Here is her handy work! Love me some ring shots!

Stay tuned for more fabulous photo-ing in Part 2!

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  1. Dearest Melisser, I am glad you are pleased with my assisting. Please don't fire me!!! These photos look amazing- I am insane for the blue sky and grass photos. Great job boss lady! xoxox mariah PS Kirk Cameron is (was) a total hunk. And that boy I had a crush on totally rocked the Z Cavaricci's!