Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Julie and Russ at Castle Hill in Newport, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Julie and Russ met with me almost two years ago... and I can't believe the day has finally arrived! Her is Julie getting all dolled up- talk about the Royal Treatment! Her makeup is by Krystal Treanor, and her glam hair was done by Laurie from the Moss Salon in Providence. Looks like she is in good hands!

Gorgeous updo!

I love this clever ring shot... idea and photo by Melissa.

Here is our Melissa in action!

Russ told me he was most nervous about hurricanes on his wedding day! Apparently his last 5 Septembers have been ruined by hurricanes. A little risky to get married in September don't you think Russ? Well, the gamble paid off- it was a glorious day. Last little bits of summer...

I heart this photo.

Here's a fun little nook- that's what I love so much about CH, all the nooks!

Melissa discovered the men have a relaxing beverage before the ceremony. So casual- I love it!

Enjoying the famous view!

Adirondack chairs were a theme throughout the wedding. The tricky Melissa is maxing out the Adirondack-ness of Castle Hill! Love this photo!

There were many beautiful touches at the wedding, the entire day was coordinated by Cindi Rapoza of Frill.
Lovely bouquets by Roanne Robbins of Nature Contained.

These are the bridesmaids bouquets- so dramatic!

Meanwhile, I am back at the chalet with our bride. She's having a great time listening to musical soundtracks (her fav) and getting into her dress!


Julie loves photography- it was very important to her to have enough time for fabulous photos. Hence, she and Russ are going to see each other before the ceremony. Smart cookies!

Here she is... getting ready to sneak up on Russ!

Melissa was in the perfect position... sun flare, blowing veil, great expressions. LOVE this photo.

Here's my view... I like Melissa's better- but don't tell her.

This one screams summer. Melissa again- good little snapper!

My view. Pretty sweet.

Julie and Russ told me that they are beach people... incorporating a beach vibe for the pics was also important to them. Okay, beach vibe... coming up!

But first, a few smooches on the steps.

Oooh, pretty- and the view is nice too.

Melissa's shot, so romantical. I love the way Julie's dress is floating over the rocks.

Hot stuff.

Kudos to my little bride Julie- it was not easy to get down to this spot. There was a lot of seaweed and beach type obstacles... she's a trooper though! Anything for the photos!

Where to next? We are going to work a little more Adirondack action. Can you really have too much? I think not.

Love this one. Excellent snuggling on the part of the B & G!

Hmmm, what am I doing here? The thing that struck me as the most amazing element of this day was the huge big blue canvas hanging above us the whole day. Maybe it was just because we hadn't seen a blue sky for awhile.. I don't know... it was just really working for me. I am trying to get a better angle here on the blue.


Probably seemed pretty funny to J & R leaning over me like this, but I'm glad they trusted me. A short break for giggling and veil adjustment...

Just what I was picturing!

Now we are traveling over to the lighthouse for some bridal party photos. How beautiful is the color of the bridesmaids dresses? I love it, it's just so pretty!

Melissa's sneaky view- fun!

No sign of any hurricanes here Russ.

Not that he would notice...

Melissa's angle.

Cue the wind please. Another fav from the day.

All the ladies.

Pretty dreamy photo by Melissa.

Another Melissa pic- she's snapping like mad!

A litle clowning around.

beautiful bride + 4 handsome men = fun photo!

Russ doesn't mind this pose either!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the ceremony and the reception! We are just getting warmed up!

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