Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leanne and Ted at Rosecliff, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

I was only Trish's low-ly assistant at Leanne & Ted's fantastic wedding, but since Trish is busy whittling albums for the holiday season... I'll be posting these photos on her behalf! Hurray- I love blogging!!!
Leanne and the girls got ready at the Chanler... such a fun place for photos. The day started out raining, and Leanne sat patiently in the window having her makeup done (by Miss Robin McAloon of course) and watching the drizzle. Meanwhile, Trish is busy with all the details. Isn't this shot of her dress so dramatic?

This one is also so beautiful- love it.

Leanne's delicate and detailed veil.

Henry is watching over the bouquet. The bridesmaids got a kick out of this one.

Our two MOH's getting a little lesson in veil application.


Dress time- it's coming in handy having two MOH's.

Leanne is having the best time!

We think the rain has stopped so there's time for just a few pics outside before we dash off to the church. My view.

And Trish's view...

Hurray for sunshine!

It was a pretty wet on the ground... and we didn't want to get Leanne soaked, so Trish hung her dress on the gate latch.

A quick pic with mom and dad. Love the MOB gown!

Trish workin' the photo- action.

This bouquet was so fun and big and perfectly round!

All the gals... many of which are practically professional bridesmaids!

A super sassy portrait of Leanne. Isn't she gorgeous?!
A side note: I love the berries.

Hurrying into church... a few minutes late, but no matter, you can't start without the bride!

Leanne and her dad.


Love these pretty green bouquets... by Stoneblossom.

It was pouring during the receiving line... but now it isn't so we are dashing off to do photos at some new secret locations...oooohhhh.

Right? How fun is this wall? Trish spotted on one of her scouting missions and thought it would be perfect for Leanne and Ted.


I love this photo of the bridal party... some of the bridesmaids were skeptical... trust ladies, trust.

Having the best time- ever!

Okay, so we stole this pose from Melissa. Leanne was very excited about this shot- hope you love it L!

Give the boys something to jump off of and you've always got a great shot.

Leanne is totally rocking the autumnal feeling in this photo.


I scooted across the street for this one... As Trish would say, Bam! Panorama Page.

So pretty.

I won't even tell you what is so funny in this photo... okay I will, it involves a groomsman, a large stick, and Trish's backside. Pretty scandalous.

The brothers.

Leanne and the girls.

Is Trish risking life and limb in the middle of the street for a good shot or just trying to get away from that fresh groomsman?

Love the heart shapes on the fence.

Off to our second is fun!

Stay tuned for some pretty dramatic & blustery photos seaside as well as all of the reception fun!

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