Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Sabine at Six Months

Posted by Trish:

This is one of our Snap! babies, so of course she is insanely cute and fabulous, hello! I photographed her parents wedding a year and a half ago and they are just two of the nicest people you could meet. So now they have the nicest baby.

Mariah headed down to Newport with me earlier this week to help me capture Sabine's 6 month portrait before they move to California next week!

This a delight for the senses. oooh, grass.

Oooh, being up in the air.

So squeezable!!!

Oooh, sitting in an adirondack chair.

This is the shot. I knew when I clicked it that she had smiled a little bit and it was just 'right' in that moment. It's such a classic image, beautiful! oooh, flowers.

She could have escaped here, but the grass was just too interesting! oooh, more grass and really close up!

Love those blue eyes!

We then went down to second beach, just around the corner from their house for some beach shots.

LOVE this one!!!

As you can see she loved it!

So she took a quick lunch break to re-fuel.

OK, now we're feeling better and getting into it a bit. oooh, sand between my toes.

Are these striped baby legs so hilarious and adorable?!

I know that Heidi didn't want to be in the photos because she was in full mom-mode with no make up, but how cute!

Checking out the view....

We wish you all safe travels and hope your new home is wonderful. It was more than a pleasure getting to know you and to photograph your wedding and new baby! We will look forward to seeing you for her 1 year portrait too, hopefully in!


  1. Okay girls...can I book you now for when Ryan and I have a baby one day? These are amazing...maybe Sabine is moving to CA to start her modeling career...Love, Courtney

  2. I LOVE EVERY PICTURE!!!!!! These are amazing, Trish and Mariah you are awesome! Thank you for coming down and doing this. I can't wait for more! See you in Vegas baby!