Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Susannah and Scott in Narragansett Part 1

Posted by Mariah:

Just when I was thinking... I wonder where the wedding is?

I had the pleasure of going to Susannah's beautiful family home in Narragansett for this fabulous wedding. Everything about it was understated elegance! It felt cozy and chic all in one!

Here's our friend Robin McAloon expertly applying Susannah's makeup. She looks great!

Bee's were a theme at the wedding. I found this guy buzzing around the invitations.

Fun Snap! Fact: Trish used to be a bee keeper... she learned how from her grandfather!

So pretty!

Melissa got this fun shot of the bridesmaids bouquets- I am insane for the colors.

Melissa also snuck off for a few photos of the men before the ceremony. 11 Groomsmen!

That's a lot of man-wrangling! Nicely done Melissa!

I am still back at the house with the ladies. Here's Susannah getting a little help from her mom and sis.

So sweet.

Time to let the rest of the girls in on the fun!

I think they approve!

We took quite a hike through a nature preserve down the street from Susannah's house. It was her dad's idea... he led the parade which seemed to go on forever! Hope this spot is worth it!

Yes, I'd say it is. How beautiful is this?

Lovely and summery.

This is Susannah and her insanely tall and gorgeous super model friend. I think she told me she was 6'4" without the heels... Wow!

And our mini- super model. So pretty.

I love this one.

We headed back to the house to re-group and add the veil...

Nothing says bride like a veil.

This is a photo recreation. Susannah's mom has a photo just like this one of herself on her wedding day, along with Susannah's grandfather and her 9 bridesmaids!

I love it when a photo like this happens.

Time to get married!

Meanwhile, Scott is waiting patiently at the church and taking care of a few last minute details...

With a little help from Father O'Donovan.


Susannah and Scott making their getaway... only the car wouldn't start!

Eventually it decided to cooperate...

Oh well, more time for smooching!

Off they go!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the reception!

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