Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maureen and Tim at Oceancliff, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

And... it's not raining.... so we are back outside for a few photos on the back lawn.
It's awfully windy, but hey... let's go with it!
Maureen is a good sport and what fun is a veil if it doesn't blow around a little?

Love this one. My view.

Trish's. OOHHH, pretty.

Dashing back inside before Maureen is completely windblown.

Align Center

Do these two look like they are plotting something? They must have given there mom a run for the money when they were boys!

Special request photo from the FOB. We teased him and said we'd take his photo suggestion "into consideration." Hope you like it Dad!

Tim still has that grin!


When Maureen and Tim came back down the aisle hey were greeted to Sunshine!!!!
Here's Maureen's reaction to the unexpected beams of sun.

A few more elephants...

Blue Light arrives just in time for the room shots! Thank you Blue Light!

How pretty is this cake?

Gorgeous arrangements by Mums.

Sneaking outside for a little more blue...

Meanwhile, the bride is enjoying a signature cocktail. Yum.

Freshening up a bit before the party starts.

You may remember the friendly rivalry from M & T's photodate...

Definitely on the same team tonight though!

Love this one.

A well choreographed first dance- nicely done!

This one is just fun.

Not sure exactly want was said here, but you get the idea. Tim better treat Maureen right or he's going to have the FOB to deal with. Yikes!

Tim's brother gave a really funny toast about how Maureen and Tim met. Of course Tim was not spared from ridicule. I believe there was even a comparison of Tim's luck with the ladies to Shrek's social skills. Whatever best Man- who ended up with the gorgeous wife?!!!

Who's laughing now, huh?


The rents.

This photo cracks me up. it appears to be a little shall we say, sordid- but trust me it was all very innocent. Besides, Maureen arrived to rescue Tim from these molesting wedding guests just in the nick of time.

See, Tim's honor is intact.

Nothing says love like homemade cookies. I resisted the urge to make off with this basket on my way out.

The beautiful snap! folio in action.

And of course a closer... Bam! last page in the album... photo by Trish (of course).

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