Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maureen and Tim at Oceancliff, Part One

Posted by Mariah:
Question: What do the words "elephant shoes" and "olive juice" have in common?
Answer: When you mouth those phrases it looks like you are saying "I love you."
Awww... cute.
Maureen told Tim about elephant shoes when they were first dating and elephants became kind of their thing... Maureen sprinkled a few pachyderms into the day for sentimental reasons.

Not elephant shoes. Really sassy fancy shoes. Trish took this fun shot.

Maureen's beautiful Vera Wang gown.

I love a beauty plan of attack...

Here's our friend Robin McAloon in action again!

This is gorgeous bouquet is by Joanne at Mums. Note the little elephant charm, a gift to Maureen from Tim.

I was insane for these flowers.

So fun being a girl.

Sparkling it up.


Trish has run off to the main house to do some photos of the boys... and a shot of the rings (another one of her specialties).

I always thought the boys had it kind of easy getting ready compared to the ladies... but suspenders and cuff links are a little confusing.

Lookin' good Tim! (Don't let those groomsmen tell you otherwise). Seriously, Tim's friends are brutal! But they tell me that's how they bond. Boys are strange.

Love the baseball caps as a groomsmen gift.

Maureen and Tim decided to see each other before the ceremony so that they could maximize the daylight. I love Tim's expressions in this little series.

Romantical. Trish's view.

My view, and still romantical.

It's raining... it's not raining... it's raining. This day can't make up it's mind so we decide to head inside.

Tricky photo by me. I didn't think this would come out when I took it... do I like this photo? I do!

So in the past I have mentioned that I heart Trish when she has genius ideas.
Well I heart her for this photo.
We said to ourselves, "Selves, how can we make Oceancliff look fun and different in this rainy weather?"
This was Trish's solution...

This was mine.

Maureen being sassarific.

Maureen and her twin brothers. Double Trouble for sure!

It's not raining so we are back outside with the gals.

This is Maureen's dad. He isn't having any fun.

Moms and dads.

Maureen and the girls... all friends since grade school!

Tim and the boys... they were teasing him unmercifully at this point, but it made for a good photo. Thanks for taking one for the team Tim.

As Trish would say...Bam! Panorama page! She shoots a wedding with the album in mind. This one is definitely getting a double page spread.
Stay tuned tomorrow... will it rain? Will the sun come out? Will Trish have more genius ideas?
One things for sure, Maureen and Tim will get married and the reception will be a blast!

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