Thursday, October 1, 2009

Julie and John in South Dartmouth Part One

Posted by Mariah:

What would you get if you combined a flu-stricken bride with an extremely rainy & windy Saturday afternoon?
One of the most fun weddings ever?
I know what you're thinking... that doesn't make any sense. I know, but it's true! I arrived at Julie's (in the rain) to learn that she had been in bed all week with the flu and had missed all the fun activities that she and John had planned for their family and friends. To add insult to injury it was pouring on their beautifully planned ocean side tent wedding in Padanaram. We aren't going to let any of that stop us though...

Julie's amazing bouquet is by Flora.

Pretty flowers all in a row...

The colors are so beautiful! Love the fall palette.

When Julie and her mom first came to visit they told us all about Julie's gown. It has a hoop sewn into the hem to give it a unique shape. The designer is Suzanne Urmann of Paris.

The dress did not disappoint!

Julie's shoes, shot through the bottom of the dress- love that hoop!

You know that we snappers love to take creative ring shots... couldn't decide which of these two I like best, so I am posting both.

Classic with an orange twist. Unexpected- just like Julie and John!

Julie's sister- so pretty! I loved the dresses (color and style). I love the hint of Mexico (where Julie teaches and lives) in the cut of the dress, flower and jewelry.

There's our bride- as gorgeous as ever! You'd never know she's been hiding under the covers for days.

Stunning detail on Julie's dress and veil.


Meanwhile, John is down the street getting ready himself. I had the talented snapper assistant Sarah on hand to make sure the guys were covered! I love this photo of John's mom helping him with his cuff links.

John has a great group of friends.

Super handsome portrait of John. I love his expression.

One of my all time favorite "man" photos. Nicely done by Sarah. The plaque on the wall is hysterical.

A slightly more formal approach.

...and hey, there's me!

Alright, so a certain stinker who I will not name, (starts with Gr and ends with oom) did not want to see the bride before the ceremony. Therefor, our plans for photos prior to the ceremony had to be nixed- Drat! Considering that we are understanding snappers, we came up with a compromise...(actually this is Trish's GENIUS idea)....
Here's a photo of the bride and groom with their bridal party taken before the ceremony. Notice they are not seeing each other!
I love Trish so much sometimes it hurts.

Now we are on a roll! How else can we get them in the same shot without them actually seeing each other?
Voila!- one of my favorite photos of all time.
LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this photo including the story behind it.


We sent the men away so we could do some photos of Julie downstairs... here she is with her parents- so sweet. They are very proud of her, as if you couldn't tell.

Three daughters...

Now you can get the full idea of the fabulousness of this dress.

Julie loves the vintage camera look on our photos... and she looks good in it!

All the ladies, so lovely.

Can't get enough of these colors!

Time to head to the church... lots of umbrellas on hand!

Love this shot with all of the parents... such an important moment.


They look pretty happy... and there's a surprise waiting for them outside the church doors.

The bride- ride! An antique milk truck- now that's fun!

Waving goodbye to the guests... see you in a few back at the reception!

Stay tuned tomorrow for pinatas, mariachi's and crazy dance moves... Oh MY!

Warning: Viewing the reception photos may cause you to gasp and drool on your keyboard. The details at this wedding are off the hizzy.


  1. "Plague on the wall" ?!?! That must have been what Julie was sick in bed from all week! ;)

  2. thanks smarty pants speller person... i fixed it. if only it were so easy to cure the plague!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!!! Where was the reception held???

  4. It's smarty pants speller again. I really cracked up when I read it, and was only pointing it out in good humor. As an aside - I absolutely LOVE your site and your work. Rhode Island is very close to my heart, and I hope to get married in RI in the not-so-distant future! I love checking out all the new pictures every week!!

  5. dear smarty pants speller- thanks for tuning in to the weekly antics of the snappers. i hope you make it back to RI and we can meet in person. we should be able to keep you cracking up because we are always doing and saying kind of ridiculous things. best, mariah

  6. the reception was held in a tent in south dartmouth, salters point actually. the very talented wendy joblon (wedding coordinator) kelli obrien (tent decor) and tony ormonde (lighting) made the tent so fabulous!!! Looks like we are in NYC right? - mariah

  7. aunt of that fab brideOctober 14, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    we don't care how they do it in NYC...this is how my big sister does a party! lol