Friday, October 9, 2009

Jen and Mike at the Glen Manor Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

We last left our heroes at the end of their formal portrait session. We rejoin them today at the ceremony...

Isn't this dish the cutest? It looks like the "ring of dreams" has found a few friends.

Jen being walked down the aisle by her mom and dad.

I think she likes who she sees at the end!

Jen and Mike were married by their good friend Tim.
He did a wonderful job!

Is this what the mean when they say..."the happy couple"?

I forget was was so funny, but I like the photo!


Strolling as Mr. and Mrs. B

Love a group shot!

How cute are these?

Mmmm, and it's red velvet inside.... which I am told is chocolate cake with lots of red food coloring. Delish anyway... I had a large-ish piece.

Every guest got a "Butlers" chocolate bar as their place card. I guess this brand is big in the UK where Jen and Mike live. Mike hand carried 40 pounds of Butlers chocolate here from England. Now that's an effort. I love the tag line, "purveyors of happiness."

Having fun at the kids table when nobody was looking.

Each table was named for a place Jen and Mike have visited. Let me tell you, these two get around!

These I didn't try but they do look really good. Clam cakes with mini chowder shooters.

So pretty. Stoneblossom does an amazing job as usual.

A little different view of the Glen.

Jen and Mike are trying to sneak off for a few minutes alone. They must want me to follow though right? Mike turned around right after this and said... "I can hear you behind us clicking!"
Guess I'll never make a good paparazzi...

But my surveillance skills do pay off because I steal a few more minutes with Jen and Mike...

So cute!

Time to head inside...

Party time!

This is right up there with all time cutest wedding moments. Mike chose their wedding song which he did not disclose to Jen prior to the wedding. He very appropriately chose the song which popped into his head after the first time he met his future bride...
"Today I met the boy I'm going to marry..." and hummed it all the way home. Never mind that Mike was humming about marrying a boy- that's not the point! The point is it's a cute song and a tender moment and though somewhat confused, Mike is also very romantic.


Another fun fact about Jen and Mike... they are HUGE fans of Dancing with the Stars. Watching this show is one of their fav past times... in fact, the went on a mini honeymoon the day after there wedding to the LA season premier of the show. A little bird told me that Jen screamed loud enough during the show's break to get the attention of the guy handing out tshirts.

Mike says that not telling Jen the song he chose coupled with their lack of dancing abilities could
be a fatal flaw... will our two heroes survive this first dance?

Will Mike drop Jen on her butt?

I think not! Perfect 10!!!!

How do you follow that up? With a great toast of course.

They laughed.

They cried.

Jen and Mike gave everyone blueberry pancake mix as a favor. They had blueberry pancakes on their first date. Very sweet. I like their clever use of the engagement pics.

I put this photo in because I know how hard Jen worked on her arms. Look how buff!!!

Time sure flies when you are having the best time of your life.

Here they are again with Mike's fun ride...are they going to make their exit like this?

Maybe better off snuggling in the back!
Jen and Mike, it was truly an honor to be a part of your wedding. I feel blessed to have met you and to call you my friends.

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  1. Well Mariah, I have a Ring of Dreams (ROD) and a Man of Dreams (MOD)... and I hereby dub you the Photographer of Dreams! Thank you for being our POD :-) These photos are just beyond amazing. I can't wait to see the rest and start working on our album together. You are so incredibly talented and lovely and we feel so lucky that you are in our lives! Lots of love, Jen