Thursday, October 1, 2009

Julie and John in South Dartmouth Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Welcome to the authentic Mexican cantina- cocktail hour! As I mentioned before, Julie and John are living in Mexico while Julie is teaching there... Wendy Joblon and Kelli O'Brien created this festive cantina for the cocktail hour. How fun!

A few fun details...

Julie and John arrived to hear this fantastic mariachi band- talk about getting you in the mood for a party! Pass the guacamole!

What year is it and where are we?

Well, if it hadn't been raining we would be out on the lawn over looking the pond and the ocean...

not really an option considering it's, yes.... still....raining.

Luckily there was this adorable community building... kind of like a rec-center for this little neighborhood. I loved it! It was white-washed and full of beautiful natural light, very rustic and very cool. I felt inspired!

I ripped off this pose from Trish, but it's my own twist...isn't this place fun? It reminds me of Dirty Dancing.

There was beautiful blue light coming in through the windows. I know Julie's mom thought I was a little crazy to choose this as my background- but I knew what it would look like after some tweaking!


So sweet!

Julie's dad and beloved Oma.

Now we are moving from rustic white washed rec center to NY night club lounge... where are we?

Again, the fab talents of Kelli O'brien, Wendy Joblon and some help from Ormonde productions turned this tent into another world!

Sarah and I lounging... (not really, just posing for a quick self portrait). I've known Sarah since she was in junior high- and she's turned into quite an amazing photog! (so proud!!!)

And here is the reception area....

The chairs for the bride and the groom...

Insane table arrangements...

It really was breathtaking.


Home sweet home.

Before the guests were invited into the tent Julie had to whack the poor donkey pinata.

John decides to give Julie a little help.

... and then finishes him off! Yeah- candy!!!

First Dance.

I love this little series- the lighting inside the tent was amazing- thanks Tony!

Think they are enjoying themselves?

When Julie and I first met she told me she thought that they would have a "good dancing crowd." That's an understatement!!!

Julie's dad gave a great toast.

This photo really shows how enormous these arrangements are- wow!

Enjoying some gentle the best man.


An unconventional dance with dad for an unconventional girl.

Good times!

The end! it was an amazing day with an inspiring bride and groom- thanks for sharing it all with me- and if I am ever in Mexico I want surfing lessons Julie!

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