Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kathleen and Nick, Part Two...The Reception!

Here we are for the second installment of Kathleen and Nick's lovely evening at Belle Mer in Newport. The guys did not really appreciate holding the ladies bouquets, but they did it anyway, thank you, sorry to traumatize you all!

They had these cute little photos of all places around Boston that meant something to them, I believe that they corresponded to the table names.

This is always such a pretty way to display the place cards. Grass is fun!

And they had an official sushi bar which I think the guests were pretty excited about!

The cocktail area, very elegant.

I think they call hims pops, either way he is adorable!

The final set up in the salon, so beautiful!

Enjoying a few minutes alone before their big entrance. Getting a few minutes alone (with me) is great if you can do it, the day goes by so fast!

My favorite blue light...ahhhhh. Throw in the hot pink and it's perfection!

Here they come...luckily I have never seen anyone trip n the stairs, there are quite a few there!

Remember, there is always time for a little spin around! LOVE this shot!

Romantical first dance.

It was some kind of crazy country song I think, but they managed some good moves.

Aww, who's having fun and is in love...

Another moment alone at their table.

Hello! Awesome clouds.

Another beautiful cake by Confectionery Design.

It always seem a shame to cut into such a beautiful work of art, but I must admit I tried the cake and it was REALLY delicious! I wish I had a piece right now...

Kathleen is the youngest of 5, so this was the last family wedding for their gang. Here she is with her Dad. He was taking lots of photos too, not while dancing of course.

And of course Nick with his mom, Nick's brother is getting married one year from this day, so she'll get one more chance for this mother son dance. I always cry now...

OK, so the band was The World Premiere band. They are awesome and do such a great job getting everyone dancing and they put on a great show too!

To keep everyone lively for lots of dancing...

Kathleen was rocking it out! Here she is with her new brother-in-law.

The view from outside during the party...

Flip flops for the ladies so they could get out of those heels and relax a bit, very thoughtful!

Some band-fans posing with them for a photo.

OK, so now I'm going to have to admit that I also sampled the fries. OK, I had two, they were small. They were so delicious! I don't know if it was just because it was 11:30 pm or what, either way I kind of wish I had some of those right now too.

I LOVE this photo! I am pretty sure that Kathleen did not haul off and clock Nick right on the chin, but it looks like fixin' to here, funny!

More awesome music and dancing from the World Premiere Band, they really brought it!

Because Nick and Kathleen ARE super-people.

Ah, sitting down is probably feeling pretty good to them at this point. They are a cute couple!

We had a great time with you guys, thanks for your hospitality!
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