Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gillian and Matt at Castle Hill in Newport, Part One

Posted by Trish: Remember these guys from the NYC portrait sessions? Well they finally got married, and I use the word finally on purpose. They have actually been together for many years, so it was an exciting day for all of their friends and family to see them make it official.
Gillian was a little worried about the weather, it was not actually raining, but the wind was insane! So although maybe not what she had pictured, the ceremony was to be outside. Yay!

Here is a beautiful bouquet by Stoneblossom...

I loved her dress, so simple yet elegant, beautiful lines.

Cute shoes too, for that casual summer day feel, or chilly Spring day in this case!

The last touch...

This arrangement actually happened quite by accident, but I think I'll take credit for it anyway :)

Gillian had dubbed herself the un-bride, but I think being a bride actually suits her quite well. How about those eyes? Wow!

See, look at her working her bride self. I think that she was looking out the window at the weather here, again!

This must be the moment of acceptance in regards to the weather. She looks stunning! She is a runner, so this explains her fit bridal-self.

Here are the guys waiting downstairs while the girls finish getting ready.

They decided to see each other before the ceremony so as to get all of the formals out of the way so that they could enjoy their guests during the cocktail hour.

What a great expression as Matt sees his bride for the first time! I think he's happy.

...and maybe a little nervous too.

Oh, how sweet! Nice move Matt.

So then we did the family and wedding party formals in the chalet. Here is Gillian with her parents.

and Matt with his parents.

The wedding party striking a pose...

It's so funny, squeezing in makes people laugh.

Going to check out the reception preparations...

We stayed in for photos because it was so windy outside...yet Gillian's veil still blew around. (She was sitting next to the AC vent in the floor)

I believe that this in my favorite shot of the day.


Thank you AC vent, this made for some great shots!

This was a great spot in the doorway, outside, yet out of the wind.

Some cute nose nuzzling...

The Ketubah signing.

Signing on the dotted line...it's official now!

Check back tomorrow for the ceremony and reception...

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