Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emily and Ted at Astors Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

I think I mentioned in my last post, one good thing about all the rain this year is the green-ness of everything! We are heading out to the back lawn for some photos with bride and groom and the bridal party...

Ted and Emily are anxious to hit the cocktail hour- but there's always time for a little smooching.

Fav of the day #2! What a fun group of friends E & T have! Emily mentioned that I hadn't laid on the ground yet for a photo... She felt she was getting less then full service by my 2 legged approach to the formals- well, here you go Emily... and it was worth that tasty little bug that I swallowed!

They were nice enough to stop right before running me over. Thanks guys!

We snuck around to the front of the house for a few snaps too.

That's it- the Hors D'oeuvers are calling!

See what I mean?

Blackstone did the catering and I can attest to the sheer yumminess of everything on that menu!


While I am busy testing the goodies, Melissa is working hard getting all of the details shots!

Ta- Da! Mr & Mrs! My view...

Melissa's view...Fun!

A well orchestrated first dance! Ted is a producer after all...

This is Ed, the best man. He is making his "Toast". (Complete with toaster oven.) The toast was complete about half way through his "toast" when the little bell on the toaster oven dinged. It was priceless.

Enjoying dinner...

Emily you are truly a rockstar!

I have no idea what is going on here... but I like it!

Ted and Emily are totally unpredictable. Have you ever heard of anyone inviting all of their friends on their honeymoon? No? Well, Ted and Emily did!

Melissa and her new friend Emily. Hey Melissa, how about a trip to Antigua?

This was a party that I was definitely sad to see end, but these guys lived it up to the last second!

Last Dance.

I love a big exit.

Emily and Ted gave all their guests little silver bells to ring for them as they ran out the front door.

Off to Antigua! See you there! (I wish!)

Stay tuned for Emily and Ted's photolounge!!!

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