Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michelle and Mark at Castle Hill in Newport - Part 1

Posted by Melissa:

I bet you haven't heard anyone mention that it's been raining a lot. Has anyone even noticed? Thankfully July 5th was a beautiful, bright, shiny day for Michelle and Mark's wedding...

A little detail on Michelle's dress

A little detail on her bouquet

When I took this photo I thought "The girls are going to love this one back at the office". Trish and Mariah are crazy for shells.

It's a shoot off! Me vs. the Bridesmaid in the background! Fortunately she makes my photo cute. Unfortunately me and my big camera probably looked a little out of place in her photo.

Getting ready in the Bridal Suite at Castle Hill.

It must have been a shoot through windows kind of day! Lisa got this great shot of Michelle and Mark seeing each other for the first time.

Stopping on our way to the beach

I love this one!

We have arrived! Michelle loves the ocean so we had to get some beach photos in.

The whole gang! One of the bridesmaids was very pregnant. She did an awesome job and so did the people at Castle Hill. They drove her down to the beach and back! How's that for service?

Here is something I noticed about Michelle at the engagement shoot. I'd be looking around for places to shoot and when I turned around she'd already have placed herself in the perfect spot. The same was true on the wedding day. Just like magic she was sitting with Mark in this great spot! I think she should be our new posing assistant.

Classic beach photo

Sometimes you curse the wind and sometimes you have to love it for moments like this.

Since we did all our formals before the ceremony (smart move, Michelle and Mark) we could take advantage of all the great spots at Castle Hill. We hiked out to the lighthouse after the beach.

Hey, maybe you guys should have picked somewhere a little more beautiful to get your photos done (notice the sarcasm in my typing)

How great is that? Maybe my fave.

What!? How great is this location?

I got this shot while...

Lisa got this angle! Look at that sky!

Right before we did the family photos I spied Michelle and Mark having a moment in the garden. I think they were practicing their vows.

One more spot before we are done! All these photos and we haven't even had a ceremony yet! How great is that?

Stay tuned for part two!!

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  1. Michelle looks so beautiful and they look so in love! As usual Melissa, job well done. I have a few favorites, it's hard to pick just one! -Trish