Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Culhanes on the Cape

Posted by Trish: We spent last weekend on the Cape visiting my mom. Conveniently our good friends Kari and Brian also spend time on the Cape nearby at Brian's Dad's place. So we often get together during the summer visists which is great. Four years ago I gave Brian a birthday gift of a family portrait and he finally cashed it in! Every summer we would make a plan and then something would come up and we wouldn't do it. But the kids are only getting older, so we really had to make it happen this year!
I actually met Kari and Brian back in 1998 when I photographed their wedding at the Glen Manor! Kari had a dream that we were shopping and I found her wallet and that we would be friends... and so it was. Our husbands hit it off like crazy and they have become two of our closest friends, crazy isn't it?!

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