Thursday, July 2, 2009

Megan and Ryan at Castle Hill, Part Two

Posted by Trish: Monkey was in attendance for the traditional "something blue" that you have to have.

Here's the brides family...

...and the groom's side.

This is Megan's niece, she made a short appearance during the cocktail hour, I love her hair-do!

Not sure the name of this game, but it was super popular. I like a game that keeps it simple, toss the bean bag into the hole.

Oooh, lemons. So summery and fresh.

I love these place cards, it looked like maybe Martha Stuart stopped by to make them!

Beautiful printing on the menu card!

Although Castle Hill receptions are technically under a tent, this tent is so beautiful with the fabric ceiling!

Stoneblossom did this great centerpiece. I love the stuff wrapped around the inside of the vase.

This cake is so elegant, sort of Vintage I think.

The first dance, which only last for a minute...because then they invited everyone up to join them.

This was a nice moment between them at their table, and there's my blue light, hello!

Oh no! Ryan took a huge bite of the fondant, thus this face. Fondant is technically edible but it's awful to actually eat, it should just be peeled off to get to the frosting and cake goodness hiding underneath.

The band went out amongst the crowd to get them going.

Good times!

Even Ryan was getting down...

The last dance came fast, it was a really fun night!

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