Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joanna and Walter at Blithewold Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

If you've never visited Blithewold, I highly suggest you do. The grounds and gardens are so impressive. Everyone is crazy for the ocean view at the front of the house but the truth is that the back of the house is much more picturesque. The problem with the ocean view is that the lawn is so grand and sweeping that the ocean looks like a small white strip in the background... not good. Pretty to the eye, but doesn't quite translate in the photos.

The most important thing about the location for photos is having nice light and that means soft open - shade. Blithewold has plenty of that! Enough of photo 101!

Here's Trish's stroke of genius #2 for the day. Love it!

I don't know what kind of tree this is... anyone? But I love how it forms a little canopy.


Everything here is so lush, I guess that's a plus to all the rain we've been getting this summer.

On the way into Blithewold I saw this little shady spot with a beautiful little gate and said to Trish, "Oooh, I wish we could get Walter and Joanna to come over to this spot." Well, ask and receive! Problem is, I had to stand kind of close to the road to get the shot. Let's hope no one is distracted by their cell phone as they pass by. Yikes! I didn't realize how close I was!!!

And here's our spot... Totally worth the peril!

So cute.

Joanna is working it.

Isn't this unreal?

Heading back to the party...

Joanna's colors were orange and blue- it all felt very crisp and nautical. perfect for their venue.

Wildflowers of Barrington also did all the arrangements.

Sofia of Designs by Sofia, made these menu cards.

Tony Ormonde of Ormonde Productions did the lighting and Fine Catering by Russell Morin did the catering.


Time to party!


It was also Joanna's birthday and Walter had a sparkly gift for her hidden inside this big box! Nice job Walter!

Mike the best man is having a good time...

Yes, those cupcakes tasted as good as they look.


The lady behind the scenes... Joanna's mom!

This may be the cutest photo ever. These are Walter's grandparents... they snuck off for a little snuggling in the sunset. They've been married over 60 years- and this is probably why.

Here's the newest married couple following their example.

The tent was so sparkly and festive once the sun went down!

See what I mean? What a fun party! I lost maybe a pint of blood to the mosquito's while packing up my car at the end of the evening but it was definitely worth it!
Stay tuned tomorrow for the photolounge fun!

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