Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kathleen and Nick at Belle Mer in Newport, Part One

So the hot topic all week was the weather of course, and really it has been for a while, what is the deal?! But Kathleen and Nick got a bit of luck and it turned into a beautiful evening after pouring rain all day!

The girls got ready at Castle Hill in Newport. Check out this awesome bling shot!

More bling, because really you can never have a enough! I'm sure Kathleen will find reasons to wear these shoes again, they are so awesome!

Rub a dub dub, bouquets in the tub! These were done by the fabulous Stoneblossom crew headed by none other than Joyce.

How cute is Kathleen 'jumping' into her dress, she looks so happy!

They were running a little bit late so she had to run...

But there is always time for a spin or two...

Here are the guys before the ceremony which was held at the Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Providence.

These girls were having the best time all dressed up as the flowergirls, always a highlight of a little girls life I think. I guess it's bride-practice, see you in 20 years girls...

WOW! This is a grand entrance for the bride and her Dad. The isle is nice and long so you get the chance to really enjoy the moment.

This church is so dramatic and beautiful, this is such a serious photo, you can feel the nervousness.

Isn't this little boy the cutest, I just want to squeeze him! As I'm sure all the other ladies do too!

Even though you can barely see them there at the alter, they are there amongst all of the amazing ornate detail in this church.

A cool detail shot at the back of the church that was irresistible.

There they go, cascading back down the isle...married!

Always time for a smooch...

Shiney happy bridesmaid!

Oooooooh!!! Thank you awesome sunlight and veil combo gods!

Too bad Kathleen is so unhappy.

Getting back into the limo to head back to Newport for the reception...

Here is the fantastic detail that Kathleen had added to her dress, LOVE IT! Again, never too much sparkle!

What a hot couple!

Aww, how great is this moment!

Wow, more miracle sunshine...it was beautiful and dreamy for sure.

The ladies...

Maybe all that sunshine was coming from inside Kathleen?!

The men...

A very fun wedding party!

More 'hot stuff' from these two...

They had a lot of laughs together and really were having a great time at their wedding!

Whoa. Love this shot! It's so great when it all comes together for that perfect moment.

They even got crazy clouds in the sky, very cool!

Ya hoo! What a great time we had doing the formals, we just kept snapping and snapping. So much good stuff!

See you tomorrow for part two!

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