Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ani and Steve at the Four Seasons, Boston Part One

Posted by Mariah:

A little rest ... and Trish and I are ready to roll again...

this time Ani and Steve's venue is the beautiful 4 Seasons Hotel in Boston, directly across from the Boston Public Gardens... one of my favorite places in the city. The forecast looks great and we are ready for another fun day.

Winstons created this lovely bouquet of orchids for Ani.

Trish was on details for the day, so this is her pretty shot.

Are these amazing or what?! They are for the after-party, but I couldn't resist snapping them when Ani showed them to me.

More beautiful bouquets from Winstons.

Ani has the most beautiful silky brown hair. It's super shiny. I asked her what the secret is, but she says she doesn't have one... hmmmm....

Trish getting a nice ring detail... it's one of her specialties.

Ani slips into her dress, a summery light floaty dress from Vera Wang. It's perfect on her.

So pretty.

Time for a few portraits of our bride. We found this spot in the foyer near the elevators and I was insane for this wallpaper. Also, the hotel was nice enough to provide us with a giant window covered in white fabric... voila! homemade soft box! LOVE IT!

Of course having such a beautiful little model helps matters. This one is my fav.


Ani was so excited and happy...

Ani and her cousins.

...and of course with dad.

Meanwhile, Trish is photographing Steve and company...he looks pretty happy too I'd say.

Here's the "company" congregating for their formals.

Lovely photo of Steve's family.

This is Donna, Steve's sister... she was a force of organization for this big day! Not only did she plan and orchestrate much of the event, she also preformed the ceremony! The day truly could not have happened without her. Hooray for Donna!

P.S. She also managed to do all this looking quite fetching I might add...

Steve and his best men...

A little clowning around... it's oneof Steve's specialties...

It's that time...

Isn't this amazing? It's South beach in Boston! Fitting because Ani is from Cuba originally and her family settled in Miami and that is where she met Steve.

This vases and blooms are suspended from the chuppa and form it's ceiling. This really knocked my socks off.

The big moment...

So exciting!

Isn't this gorgeous?! The beachy-ness is complete with a wooden boardwalk leading to the chuppa.

Ani's brother does a reading...

Ani had very sweet vows that she prepared for Steve. She talked about how she admires his commitment to his family.

The family all agrees...

Steve's vows were also sweet... and funny! He prepared them in Spanish which was a surprise for Ani and a treat for her family. He did a great job reading them and even invented a new word... "caliente-ness" which is a reference to Ani's um, beauty. :)


Time for a few minutes alone (with me).

I love this photo.

We are heading to the park for a few portraits...

Stay tuned for lots more to come!!!!

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  1. the back of the brides dress! stunning. how you managed to do anything besides walk behind her all day snapping photos is impressive! :)