Thursday, July 2, 2009

Megan and Ryan at Castle Hill, Part One

Posted by Trish: It was a grey and dewey day...but we'll take it, it's not actually raining so we're good! I had met up with these guys a few months ago to do a photo date at the Castle Hill lighthouse, and it was really sunny that day, so we were so over it by now.

They had a really fun blue and yellow color scheme happening, very Newport! But let us begin with cleavage and champagne....

Here is her mom helping with the final buttons.

How cute is this guy?! I just wish that they were not sticking him with pins!

Wow! Megan looks so glam and glowy.

Megan and Ryan wanted to do all of the photos before the ceremony so here is his waiting to see her...

Here she is making her grand entrance...

Oh so fun! It's so exciting for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time, especially this way just the two of them...and me of course!

That super green lawn is one benefit of the grey weather.

The other benefit of the grey sky is that we could do the formals out on the ledge overlooking the water and not have to worry about bright sun.

So cute, kids are so cute dressed up!

The illistrious wedding party.

The bridesmaids had the cutest dresses!

We snuck down to the 'Grace Kelly" beach for a few shots too.

I love the texture on the rocks.

Ah, frolicking. To be young again...

Once again the crew at Stoneblossom did an amazing job, I love these big moss balls, a very cool detail!

I am totally crazy for these yellow pom pom things, the look so funky!

The yellow is the detail on their programs which were lovely.

Grammy time!

My art shot of the day...

There really is nothing better than little girls in a wedding!

Another amazing bouquet from Joyce at Stoneblossom.

The ceremony...still no rain, but the air was wet! You should have seen my hair, not good!

My favorite shot of the day I think...a truly honest moment captured. This is what he was looking at when making this expression, fantastic! Ryan actually makes beer for a living, so it's somethng he's passionate you can tell.

Here they are in the garden enjoying that beer and taking a few minutes alone.

A candid 'Newport" moment, it's the pants.

What a classic beauty! Lucky Ryan!

Putting the finishes on the cake is the fabulous Dennis, is he not cute as a button?! He's also part of the Stoneblossom gang.

So check back tomorrow for part two...the reception! See you then.

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