Monday, July 13, 2009

Michelle and Mark at Castle Hill in Newport - Part 2

On to the ceremony! Some lovely flower arrangements by Lynda Sutton

Love the colors!

There were lots of kids at the wedding. I think one of them made a very loud noise at this point in the ceremony which made everyone laugh.

A little snuggling after the kiss

These are Michelle's nephews. Stuart on the right there is giving me some major smiles. Eliot in the middle... Well, he just wanted nothing to do with me. He's being a good sport here though.

Some other cuties from the wedding! I love babies!


Aren't the blue glasses great!? Lisa and I loved them!

Michelle and Mark gave everyone a bottle of wine for their favor.

The first dance...

There were a lot of spins in the dance! Love it!

More spinning! I love it!

Michelle gave all the kids a cool canval treat bag. Here's Stuart running off with his new plane

Ah! Sunset!

No one was on the lawn! Totally lucked out on that one!

The light at sunset is just so beautiful! I love this picture!

Time to party!!! What are these guys doing trying to get up on Michelle!? Don't they know that she's married?

Then the girls attack Mark!

Last dance...

Such a great day! You guys are the sweetest! Best of luck!
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