Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ani & Steve's Fabulous Fenway Rehearsal Party

Posted by Mariah:

When Ani and Steve came to visit me a year ago and told me about their wedding I couldn't wait to be a part of it! The icing on the cake? A rehearsal party at Fenway the night before the wedding! Now that's fun! Of course I had to bring along my best buddy Trish to help document all the festivities! Here are our official tickets.

...And here is the official transportation- The "Bustonian," a super whacked out party bus complete with stripper pole and thumping club music. We are riding style!

Here's our couple! Aren't they cute?

Ani has the best smile and laugh. She really lights up a room, or in this case... a bus.

Fun with friends on the Bustonian.

We made it to Fenway...

(Ani's cute shirt was a present from her soon to be sister in law Donna who worked diligently all night to make sure this rehearsal party went off without a hitch!)

So fun! A Classic!

Now, as I told these guys in our first meeting.... I am a sports moron. I don't watch sports, I don't know anything about sports and I certainly can't name any players... not even any red sox players... I know, BOO HISS on me... Anyway, that being said, I TOTALLY get the magic of Fenway! This place is amazing. I was completely swept up in the fun and energy. I could totally hang out here.

See, don't I look happy?

Beer- Check! Fenway Frank- Check!

Here's Steve's family and the hosts of our fun event! Thank you Steve's Family!!!

And Ani's Family... they are so excited!

Why is Ani running?

Cake! Isn't it the best? Notice the score board has their wedding date, but if you add up the numbers it appears Ani is ahead!!!

A little romance during the game...

We even got a visit from Wally. He was so cute, in a muppet kind of way!
Here he is being very chivalrous with Steve's mom.
I was glad to see he wasn't being fresh... he got a little frisky with some of the other ladies!

Hanging out with Ani & Steve's family...

Wally & Steve's dad became good buddies.

Hey, who is that with Wally?!

As you can see, everyone was pretty excited about Wally's visit.

What a gorgeous night. Fenway is really beautiful.

... and then the moon made an appearance too.

Congrats indeed! Can't wait for the wedding coming up next!

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