Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charlene & Ryan's Photolounge Fun

As ususal- the photolounge was enjoyed by all... the bride and groom started off the good times...

These girls are Charlene's cousins- and they were cracking me up. Turns out they really wanted to be in the bridal party but they weren't quite bridesmaid age... and not guite flower girl age. (Their cute little sisters scored that coveted position.) So where did that leave them? SOL as they say... the signs are pretty clever though... sorry girls mabe next time!

Ryan and some of his buds...

I love the creativity.

The photolounge is boring.

Good looking people never use the photolounge.

and my favorite loungers of the day- you win the most expressive lounger prize.

Hope you guys had as much fun in the lounge as we did watching you!

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