Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emily and Ted at Astors Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Sunday arrived and it was an absolutely sparkly sunny summer day... finally! All is right in the world because I have my girls Melissa and Trish to help me shoot this wedding... AND it just so happens to be the wedding of my self professed #1 Blog Fan - Emily!
This is going to be a good day!

Here's my little Melissa being artsy on the balcony of Emily's room. I just love the getting ready photos!

Emily's details were all so lovely... and they ought to be... she works at Martha Stewart!

This is Emily's dad. See the cute smile on his face? That was there ALL day! I think this may have been the best day of his life! Aside from Emily and Ted of course, I think he had the best time of anyone at the wedding!

I saw this article on the front page of the Providence Journal and thought it was kind of funny! Emily and Ted have really good sense of humors so I know that they'll appreciate this shot.

Melissa ran downstairs to get a few shots of Ted opening his gift from Emily... an original photograph of Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead! I think the story goes that Emily sent the photograph to Bob Dylan to be signed.. I guess he didn't like the fact that he was smiling in the shot so he decided not to sign it! Instead he sent along an album that he autographed and also the unsigned photo. Good story! What a stinker that Bob Dylan is!

Gorgeous flowers by Toni Chandler. The color of these roses was absolutely dreamy and matched the sash on Emily's dress perfectly.

Emily you are lovely.

A little trip outside for some portraits before the ceremony...can't you just feel the warmth from the sun? AAAHHH.

I love this photo that Melissa took.

This one is mine... GO team Snap!

Melissa stayed behind for portraits of the men...

Here's the handsome groom, Ted. To meet Ted is to love Ted!

Such a serious bunch.

FAV! of the day #1. I put Emily in this spot but the pose was all hers... you go girl!

Beautiful. So feminine! I guess that's how I would describe Emily... she's super girly.

Melissa, genius shot. Love it!

I went downstairs to check on the guys and when I came back up, Emily was seated on the rug like a little cream puff. So cute!

The coast is clear, so we duck outside for a few more photos on the grounds at Astor's.

Just as I set up this photo, the soloist began practicing and Emily got a little emotional. (Trish's Fav photo from the day.)

Here come the girls to give Emily a little moral support! What good friends!

A fun shot so we don't all ruin our makeup crying!

The groom is in the house!

A relaxed portrait of the king... I mean groom...!

Melissa caught this sweet moment between Emily and her dad right before the ceremony.

The ceremony was so lovely and sweet with funny moments sprinkled in. I think I had the best view of all- just look at that sky!


Ted is psyched.

...and so is everyone else apparently!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more fun formals, gorgeous details and a terrific party!

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