Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ani and Steve at the Four Seasons in Boston, Part Two and Photo Lounge Fun!

Posted by Mariah:

Here we are for the last installment of Ani and Steve... I know they are checking the blog from their honeymoon in Hawaii, so enjoy this one too guys!
We stepped across Boylston for a quick photo in the park... Ani really wanted a few photos outside so we snapped a couple quick pix and then headed back inside for some much need air conditioning!

Walking in the city... it's always a good time.

So is smooching on the elevator, Trish caught this cute photo.

The 4 Seasons has this terrific staircase- Love it.

The bridal party workin' it...

Ani carried a bouquet of tulips because they were her mother's favorite flower. So sweet.

This is one of my favorite photos from the day... Steve is whispering something here to make Ani smile...knowing him it might be fresh!

Love this one too, they look so fabulous.

Done with the photos, time to enjoy the cocktail hour!

Ani and Steve had gorgeous food at their reception...

Isn't that beautiful?


During the cocktail hour the staff flipped the ceremony site and transformed it into a sea of beachy blue tables.

Absolutely love the linens.

Also love the funky shape of the plates.

Isn't this out of this world? I love the tall slender vases with the single hydrangea blooms.

Driftwood, my fav!

I just want to say that Trish took ALL of these beautiful room shots and had about 3 minutes to do it before the guests filtered in- nice job Trishy!

And here they come!

The lighting they chose made the reception photos so dramatic. Can't say enough about adding lighting... it makes all the difference in the pix.

Ani and Steve having their first dance...they are off to a good start.

So sweet!

Nicely dipped Steve!

The hora... always a good photo op. Ani looked mostly terrified in the photos, and I can't say I blame her. Actually she looked half terrified and half joyous... if that's possible!

Her dad on the other hand just looks joyous!

So fun. It's contagious really!

Laughing at the toasts.

Steve's dad gave a great toast... the point of the speech being that Ani was worth the waiting for Steve to find the right girl, agreed!

Steve and his sis having a nice moment... thanks again Donna for all your efforts!

A big thank you to all their guests for being a part of the fun.

Steve and Ani made sure their guests enjoyed the full snap experience by having the photoloung on hand, as usual it was a big hit...

Here's a small peek at the photolounge merriment.

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