Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kate and Russ at the Glen Manor - Photos by Mariah and Melissa

Kate has amazing taste- I was pretty excited when I saw this cool lamp in her bedroom. I call this one... "still life with shoes."
It was fun to rummage around in Kate's closet- she's a real girly girl! She had this cool sign hanging on the inside of her closet door. I thought it was fitting with the dress- gorgeous!!! kate fell in love with this dress befores she and Russ were even engaged- when he proposed she remembered the dress and Voila! here it is!

This is Georgia - she is the sweetest funniest dog I ever met! If she was just a little bit smaller I would have shoved her into my camera bag and kept her for myself.

Aren't these incredible?! The brooch belonged to Kate's grandmother.

Kate is so lovely! My friend and very talented makeup artist Robin Mcaloon did her makeup. She looks so natural and soft.

Meanwhile, the boys are striking a pose for Melissa in Providence near the Biltmore.

Kate and the girls just outside St. Dominic's at Providence College.

It's a beautiful church, full of natural light- just how we like it!

How sweet is that?

Great shot of their exit by melissa...

Cheers! Arriving at the Glen Manor (another Melissa shot)

Melissa was insane for this cake! We managed to have a peice at the end of the night, and it was scrumptious! Chocolate mousse filling, and very moist! Yummy.

I don't know what Elisa said to Kate, but it must have been good!

Grandma's having a good time too. I love the grammies.

We are taking a walk down to the water... that's Kate and Russ wondering if they can make a get away for the cocktail hour!

it was worth the trip... doesn't kate look phenomenal! ?!!

the detailing on Kate's dress is to die for.

Entrance photo by melissa.

First dance...

Hey, who are those snappers? Melissa looks great- she always photographs skinny. What happened to my hair? well- you can tell I am working hard running around and snapping away, I have the crazed hairdo to prove it!

This photo should have been of the person with the less than satisfactory dance moves. Maid of honor Reghan does not approve!

Russ's dad- he did have the BEST dance moves. I tried to replicate them later and was totally unsuccessful- this guy is limber!

And... our last shot. Very romantic. We try hard not to do the same picture twice at weddings... there's always a new nook at the Glen, that's what I love so much about it!

Kate and Russ, hope you are enjoying Turks and Caicos! Don't forget to go to Calico Jack's for keylime pie! How about bringing me back a slice?! Say hi to the seaturtles from me!

The 411 on the details:

Gown - Yolanda's of Waltham

Tuxes - Waldorf

Invitations - Papyrus

Catering - Simply Devine

Reception Location - The Glen Manor House

Chairs and Linen Rentals - Rentals Unlimited

Makeup: Robin McAloon
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