Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brenda and Bryan's Photodate with Melissa in Little Compton

I met Brenda and Bryan at Brenda's parents house in Little Compton which happens to also be the location of their wedding reception! Brenda said the yard had lots of "nooks and crannies". She wasn't kidding! There are so many cute little places to take photos! It's ridiculous! We used some great spots and there are still so many that were saved for the wedding.

I LOVE this little barn! The flower box, the curtains, the bench! Cute is the word that comes to mind! Brenda would probably say Dreamy...

These guys were great subjects! Very natural!

I love this one...

And this one...

Chivalry isn't dead, Ladies! Here's Bryan carrying Brenda through this field because he was afraid there might be ticks in the grass!

Remember this is all the same yard! Brenda's parents are working hard to get it ready for the wedding in September.

This shot is brought to you by the awesome new lens we just got!!! I LOVE IT!

Brenda and Bryan, I'll see you in September!! Yeah!

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