Monday, July 21, 2008

Jennifer and Darren - Glen Manor House 7-18-08 Photos by Trish and Mariah

The night was sultry...Actually the day was hot and humid! But there is always a breeze at Glen Manor, thank goodness! But I love the heat, it's summer! Jen and Darren had a very beautiful and chic wedding on Friday. They live in London currently and had to do all of their planning long distance. We even got an invitation to 'come anytime' to stay with the in London, hmmm, anyone getting married there in the next upcoming year or two?! OK, so I have to just come right out and say it...Darren is REALLY tall (6'7") These guys are going to need chiropractic work after gazing at each other all day they way they did, luckily he's a really good sport about it!

I love this shot, it should be in a make-up ad, maybe Loreal! (Jen works for Loreal Paris so it could just happen)

Beautiful flowers by Joyce at Stoneblossom in East Greenwich, they always do a stellar job!

So after she as talking about her amazing blue shoes that she got in Milan I was inspired to have her do an nontraditional pose for a bridal portrait. Those shoes just needed to be in the spotlight!

Jennifer walked with her Dad to meet Darren at the bottom of the stairs at the Glen, such a beautiful staircase!

A cheery moment with the bridesmaids...

The little girl was a fabulous flower girl! She did everything just right.

Here are the girls making fun of Darren and highlighting his tallness...

My favorite shot of the day I think.

Oh, but I really like this one too... (cue the perfect lighting!)

A lovely ceremony in the garden, officiated by the Cavalcontes.
The whole gang!

This was such a cute cake, made to look like a wedding gown. I don't know who did it though!

The rooms looked so gorgeous! Tiffany blue and light browns, very deluxe!

Very cool idea for table numbers...The used a photo of them in front of different monuments, such at the Eiffel Tower seen below. It helps if you are world travelers like these two are (if I did this it would be more like 'motels of New England', not that I'm complaining)

Very romantic, once you get down the hill without any injuries!

Darren was so happywhen the first dance was completed. I hear that from a lot of couples that their biggest worry at the wedding is the first dance. My advice: just have a little enthusiasm and go with it, don't worry about having the perfect dance steps. BTW these guys had a lot of pep and did a great job!

Candy bar!

Thanks for having us, we had a great time 'snapping' at your wedding! Safe travels...
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