Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sarah and Jesse's (Shibs) Photodate with Mariah in Newport

Sarah and Jesse met me at Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth? Ever been? You should! It's very zen. It's shady and relaxing and the perfect spot for portraits! There were a lot of ants on this tree which seemed to worry Jesse a little bit...
Sarah has the silkiest shiniest hair I've ever seen! I guess it's usually curly... the lack of humidity on Saturday was working for us!

Love the hydrangea... I thought about having Sarah and Jesse trespass in a nearby field of hydrangea but I think this was a safer bet! Getting arrested could be a defenite downer for our photodate.

Love these trees..

I love this shot of Sarah.. she has super pearly whites!

Sarah and Jesse have been together 11 years! Wow! They are getting married on the anniversary of their first date!

Off to the beach... Jesse is smiling here but secretley he is sad because he is looking out at killer waves and he did not bring his surfboard. So sad!!! Oh well, have to save it for your honeymoon to Hawaii!

Beach people just like me!

See you on the 15th guys! Can't wait!

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