Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Michelle and Joe Trash the Dress! with Mariah

This is Michelle and Joe's 3rd appearance on the blog. Just when I thought we couldn't have anymore fun... Michelle asks if we can trash her dress! Now, I know what your thinking... there's no way you'd want to ruin your beautiful gown after the wedding. Neither does Michelle! This is a dress she bought on Ebay. She's going to dryclean it and donate it after our session. Joe came along too... he's up for anything, which is a good thing because he married a really fun girl!

Nothing too crazy yet, just scrambling over some rocks and sitting in the sand... a little dirt never hurt anyone.

So, here we are - I am saying "go for it!"

Just the ankles so far...

At this point, I wish I had worn shorts.

Look at that surf... remnants of a tropical storm, there were surfers everywhere!

Joe decides to take the plunge!

He's taking Michelle down with him!

And.... Scene!
This shoot was so much fun. Michelle and Joe really know how to enjoy life. This will be a great story for the kids someday! What are we going to do next guys? Skydiving is out of the question!

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