Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Portrait, Newport RI. - Photos by Trish and Mariah

I (Trish) photographed Michele and Kraig's wedding many years ago on Block Island. People always ask me if I have any crazy wedding stories, and their wedding was the story! I almost didn't make it because there was a huge storm and they closed the ferry and the airport! I spent 7 hours sitting in the airport (with the band, flowers and some guests) having a minor heart attack and calling Michele every hour to say that it was still raining sideways so we couldn't fly yet. (BTW this is the kind of thing I often dream about, and it was actually happening!!!) They were able to push the wedding from 3 to 6pm but that was the latest, the original plan was for me to get there at noon and do all the photos beforehand and take lots of great "Block Island" shots with them. The rain FINALLY stopped, I jumped on the plane and was off to the wedding, I got there at ten minutes of 6 (it was of course dark at this point)!!! I snapped one photo and then my flash broke off the top of my camera. Luckily I had a spare, but I did have to leave most of my back up equipment back in my car because of weight restrictions on the plane. The good news is from that moment on everything was perfect, they had a blast of a wedding and I lived to tell about it! I did ask them to meet me at 7:30 the next morning to do more photos,(much to Kraig's horror) I couldn't leave without getting the "Block Island" shots. So with maybe 2 hours of sleep they were ready to go when I knocked on their door, Michele did a great job of re-doing her bridal self. We snapped a bunch of great shots and I knew that they would be glad they did it. A shot of Michele walking up the hill to go back to her room wound up being one of my favorite shots of all time, it was in film so I don't have it to show you now, but it was a classic! A bright blue sky, grassy hill, dirt path and a little figure in white in the middle.

Fast forward to yesterday as they were enjoying their vacation and wanted to get some family portraits of the kids, well actually it's really only one human kid, Jack. He was a great sport and was more than happy to pose knowing that he had a ton of cookies (bribery) coming his way! Whatever it takes...

The fam, once again, agreeable to my suggestions.

This is Pete, very handsome.

This is Jack, also very handsome, but in a more 'people' kind of way.

They rented this great house, it had this great bench on the porch and beautiful flowers and plants along a pat on the die of the house, perfect for photos!

The 'other kids'.

He looks so sophisticated, yet relaxed, I love the hands in the pockets!

This is Lucy, very beautiful? Turns out she is very insecure, but she's working it anyway.

Just the guys.

OK, seriously. How many people want a poster of this in their house?! I do!

A sweet photo of mom with her 'baby'.

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