Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lauren and Benjamin at the Weekapaug Golf Club 8-2-08 Photos by Trish and Sarah

OK, I know that I talk about the weather all the time...but this weekend there was some serious drama!!! I packed my car with all my gear and headed down to Westerly for Lauren and Ben's wedding, the plan was for the ceremony to be held at her Grandmother's home out on the lawn...or was it?! The rain started coming down and it was intense! Going from the car to the house was an ordeal, I hid under a huge poncho and was able to keep the cameras dry. But don't feel too bad for us...within the hour the skies cleared and it turned out to be a most beautiful day! I must just be really lucky. So the ceremony was outside and it was fantastic!
Here is Lauren cascading down the steps to see Ben for the first time...

He waited for her on the dock, hey how about that snazzy suit he's wearing.

This first meeting in a fun place is so awesome! Notice the wet dock, it had JUST stopped raining when we decided to do photos out there even if it was sprinkling.

This was an amazing bouquet by Sayles, I love the orange!

This was my super fun creative moment with them in front of the pool, I can't get enough of this photo!

Speaking of snazzy suits!

The two Grandmothers performed the ceremony, very special indeed!

The ceremony was such a beautiful mix of thoughtful sentiment and humor.

A sweet moment right after the ceremony...

Here are the two official officiants of the ceremony...

It was so nice to be witness to all of the heartfelt emotion between the bride and groom and their families.

You know I love lighting, these lanterns were a nice touch.

Another amazing arrangement by Sayles, it was so nice it didn't even look real!

Here I am working my magic, I didn't know that I smiled, or what am I doing?

While the adults sip fancy drinks and chat, the kids make their own fun...

Hey, look at that sun, this is the most beautiful time in the evening during the summer.
Always a scary moment for the person being thrown into the air!

Luckily they made it back down to the floor unscathed.

This was the coolest band! hey were from Texas, sort of a Polka band but with a really hip beat, so fun!!!! They are playing in NYC tonight (8/5) check them out!

Lucia the wedding coordinator did an amazing job of keeping the day going, she was right there the entire time making sure things went smoothly. She carries a huge kit for any kind of emergency, hair, make-up, wardrobe etc. She is prepared!

Lauren was so nice, she gave me a shout out when they thanked everyone during the reception, thanks! Back at 'cha, you guys were a pleasure!

The 411 on the details:
Wedding Planner: Guiding Star Events, Lucia Cordone
- Florist: Sayles Livingston Venue: Weekapaug Golf Club - Band: Brave Combo

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