Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isabella and Dan at Eolia Mansion CT, Photos by Mariah and Melissa

Saturday Melissa and Don and I travelled to Harkness Memorial State Park in CT for the fabulously fun wedding of Isabella and Dan. Isabella was an absolute vision and she and Dan are best friends! Their baby, Tyson a huge yellow lab made it into the engagement shots, but unfortunately could not atend the wedding. He was at home minding the family business, Uber Dog (a hotel and day care for furry friends!) Hey- somebody has to mind the store! I was pretty excited to find this antique-ish bathroom to hang Isabella's dress in...
Melissa got this handsome photo of Dan before the ceremony.

Too bad everyone is so uptight and not having any fun at all. I am standing in the bathtub to get this shot!
This photo knocks my socks off! Melissa took it!

America's next top model?

Isabella gets a peek at the room set up before the ceremony.

Isabella and her parents process through this cool covered area, and the guests stood by on the sidelines to watch her pass by...

Lovely spot for the ceremony with the mansion in the background...

yeah! married!!!

Isabella and Dan's mom.. sweet!

Just the gals hanging out on the boardwalk which leads to the beach.

Dan and Isabella pause for some smooching.. and right after this a big wave tries to reclaim Isabella... mistaking her for a mermaid no doubt... she escaped unsoaked!

Walking back down the boardwalk... oops both heels are stuck! That's Dan's hand trying to free Isabella!

Well, we can't have that happening again! Chivalry is alive and well!

These guys were awesome posers!

Nice suspenders boys...


The bestman just asked Isabella to be the godmother of his baby, I think she's a little excited!

Is this the cutest cake you've ever seen?


The paper laterns had LED lights that kept changing color all evening- very festive!

Melissa took this shot...

Hey... it's Nicole and Brian! I am photographing them in October! Aren't the sweet?

This photo is so funny- I like the expression on Dan's face.


Part one of Isabella's unique dance moves...

part 2 of isabella's dance moves... very impressive! she sticks the landing!

I think Dan is pleased... that's all we want!

The 411 on the details...

Venue: Eolia Mansion, Harkness Park CT

Caterer: Cloud 9 Catering Old Saybrook CT

Flowers: Agnes Corr

Music: Sugar Band, Mystic, CT

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  1. who is the designer of her dress!?

  2. who is the designer of her dress!?

  3. Isabella O'BrienSeptember 9, 2008 at 6:28 PM

    The designer is Anne Barge.

  4. I am getting married next summer. I love your updo! Where did you get it done? Did you use anything as an example?

  5. Isabella O'BrienOctober 13, 2008 at 8:47 PM

    Hi! A hairdresser at the Elizabeth Arden Salon & Spa at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, CT created it. Her name was Shannon and she came up with it on her own.

  6. What a beautiful wedding!

    I absolutely love the bouquets and centerpieces you used. Would it be possible to give me the florist's e-mail? I think my sister used the same florist almost nine years ago for her wedding, and she did a fabulous job back then!

  7. Can you provide the name of the company that did the lighting in the tent?? It is such a dramatic look- is it a color wash on the tent or individual lights in the lanterns? I am thinking of getting married at Harkness in 2010 and would love to have the same look!