Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rhya and Ed at The New York Yacht Club 7.05.08 photos by Trish and Mariah

Guess who's getting married?
A very relaxed Ed aboard the "Vantage," a gorgeous sailboat that he built himself! I like this look- half a tuxedo and bare feet. Something tells me that Ed is pretty comfortable in this attire!

I could smell the chocolate from outside the tent! Ed's sister in law created this confectionery work of art!

The gardens at the NYYC are absolutely magnificent! Look at those lilly pads!

Rhya's spectacular shoes...

Rhya and her dad making their way into Station 10 for the ceremony.

I love this photo of Ryha and her dad surrounded by their family. Everyone is laughing because Rhya got stuck trying to make her way around a pole in the middle of the aisle!

Rhya's brother did a wonderful job decorating the inside of Station 10 and her good friend officiated the ceremony.

the getaway!

Back into the garden for formal photos....

A classic...

This spot was full of mosquitos! Rhya and Ed did a really good job of pretending they weren't getting buzzed and bit!

So Sweet!

Cue the schooner! And that's Ed's sailboat the Vantage, in the background decorated with flags!

A quick practice of the first dance...

Goldfish at the kid's table, do they look nervous?!

hey, who's that snapper?

Ed and Rhya had the AMAZING Beantown Swing Orchestra at there wedding. They were so good! The vocalist was really impressive.

Practice made perfect!

I love it when I am in the right place for the dip.

Things are starting to heat up now!

Another gorgeous view of the NYYC from the harbor.

Happy Anniversary to us! 4 years as Snap! photography partners and having the BEST time!!!

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