Monday, July 7, 2008

Melissa and Ethan at the Atlantic Beach Club 7.5.08 Photos by Melissa and Ara

I don't know who is in love more... Melissa with Ethan, Ethan with Melissa or me with the both of them! Ara and I had such a great day with the happy couple, their family and friends. Everyone was so nice and treated us as though we were part of the gang. Rain was in the forecast. I came prepared with umbrellas, but thankfully they were never opened! We had SO much time to take photos! It was a photographer's dream! I took so many that I had a really hard time picking which ones to put on the blog. This is what I ended up going with in the end...

Melissa got ready at her parent's house. Their little girl is all grown up!

Getting ready

The Beautiful Bride
Melissa and Ethan got this cool car to drive them around on the big day! I loved it!

Melissa loves to show off her ring! Here she is showing it off immediately after she got it!
These guys were such a fun bunch!
Holding up traffic!! Oops!

Melissa knew from the engagement shoot that I would be asking them to do lots of smooching! Here are some of my favorite smoochy photos!

The lovely couple
When I blogged Ethan and Melissa's engagement photos I promised we'd do this shot on the wedding day. I didn't want to go back on my word!

Showing off those rings again!

Having a blast while Ara and I are hard at work (Photo by Ara)

We were all about the rings! (Idea by Ara & Photo by Melissa)

When we got to the ABC we took the bridal party out on the beach for some fun shots! Can't get more fun than jumping...

And running...

Finally done with photos! There was still time before the cocktail hour. I was taking photos of the room when I spotted the whole bridal party outside hanging at the bar!!! Pretty funny!

Melissa loves Star Fish!

As a matter of fact she said she was going steal these two that were placed in front of the cake! I don't think the bride has to resort of stealing anything! Everybody should give her what she wants! Right, Melissa?!
Here's Erin from Custom Wedding Films doing her job! She was a pleasure to work with!

Here's Job from Rhythm Productions. He was very excited to hear he'd be on the blog again! We love working with Job!

Ethan using some Matrix like moves to avoid Melissa's hand full of cake! (photo by Ara)

Time to dance!!!

Here are Melissa's Dad and Ethan's Dad dancing up a storm together!

The end of the night!

It was a pleasure to hang out with you guys on your big day! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Congratulations! - Melissa

The 411 on the Details...

Reception - Atlantic Beach Club

Flowers - Wild Flower Florist

Video - Custom Wedding Films

DJ - Rhythm Productions

Transportation - Ideal Limousine

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