Monday, July 28, 2008

Cheryl and Attila at the Glen Manor - Photos by Trish and Melissa

Thursday was a complete downpour...but Friday was clear skies!!!!! Yay! I must say that I was really sweating bullets on Thursday night thinking that it might be a rainy day for these guys, but luckily the storm took a break and it was a beautiful night! You might remember them from their gritty city photo shoot that we did on the Spring...

Cheryl's three sisters looking on as she gets ready.

Isn't Cheryl gorgeous! She was pretty relaxed.

I love this shot taken by Melissa. The living room was so lovely!

Nephew Hans in his brief appearance before his protest.

Here is Cheryl and her Mom having a fun moment.

Heading into the church, look at those blue skies... (photo by Melissa)

What a classic moment.

This is St. Mary's Church in Bristol, very grand!
I do...

The veil always 'makes' the bridal look.

The lovely wedding party...

Entrance to the Glen Manor.

OK, what?! This light is insane! This is actually a new angle for me at the Glen, love it!

They rocked the first dance!

Attila's brother gave the BEST toast! Just the right amount of everything, I cried!
Detail Shot by Melissa

Out on the bridge at sunset...

Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band, they were excellent!they even played the Violent Femmes! (well) You can't get much more versatile than that!

Another new angle for me, sitting on the grand staircase at the end of the night.

The 411 on the Details:
Reception Location - The Glen Manor House
Hair and Make-up by Invidia Salon in Portsmouth
Invites - by Paper Packaging and Panache in Bristol
Tuxes - Mr. Tux
Flowers by De Feldman in Barrington
Catering - Russell Morin
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