Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aubrie and Chris at Castle Hill Inn, Newport 7-19-08 Photos by Trish and Ara

It was a hot one in Newport on Saturday! But we had the good fortune of some beautiful ocean breezes and great company! Aubrie and Chris tied the knot and had a blast of a day! I know that Aubrie was worried about all of the details coming together, but she was calm and collected on the day of the wedding and looked so happy. What's not to be happy about, she married a really nice guy!
I know Aubrie wanted fun shots, but I love this pensive moment.

Amazing flowers by Twigs florist.

OK to go!

Such a beautiful spot for a ceremony! The sun went in for a bit so the guests didn't have the hot sun on them, there was a lovely breeze too.

I have seen this a lot more this year, the sand ceremony. Pouring two parts of sand into one.

A little break in the formals for some fun sunglasses action...

Is he totally squeezable or what?!

This is amazing how perfect the ligthting was, it's often hard to get that blue in the ocean when there is bright sun, so this worked out great, the surf is great too!

There were lots and lots of orchids, in and out of water, so beautiful!

These little boxes were at each place setting, so cute!

The first dance, I love how her parents are in the background.

Listening to the toasts... I love the fiddle heads in her bouquet!

Castle Hill is one of the few places with a good view of the sunset, we got lucky, just after we got these shots the sun went behind a bog humid cloud and that was it.

Cool idea: They had guests sign bottles of wine that they will open on different wedding anniversaries. The first anniversary had two, they will still be young and able to drink a lot...

View of the Newport bridge from Castle Hill...

A classic...

It was a REALLY hot night and the AC vents were a real relief from the heat...

What?! Hey, remember Elaine's Christmas card on Seinfeld??? Luckily everything went OK!

The mother of the bride wanted everyone to have fun and dance, even the wait staff!

This guest was rockin' it out, for real!

End of the night smooches...
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  1. The Bride and GroomAugust 4, 2008 at 4:19 PM

    Cheers to a really great night! The pictures look fantastic and beautiful! Thanks Trish!