Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dana and Jared at the Atlantic Beach Club 6.28.08 Photos by Melissa and Sarah

Dana and Jared had a beautiful wedding day! While Trish was in Watch Hill worrying about rain I was doing the same thing in Newport! So was Dana! Luckily for everyone it never happened! It was a bit humid, but that's why they invented AC! We did photos before the ceremony so Dana and Jared could enjoy the amazing wedding that they planned.

Some of the detail on Dana's dress. It really was stunning

We did their first meeting on the 40 steps in Newport. Pretty dramatic spot! How can you go wrong with a staircase that leads to a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean? Jared was in awe of his beautiful bride! (photo by Sarah)

Dana's beautiful bouquet by Golden Gate Studios in Cranston


Here we are at the famous Wall in Narragansett.

Here we are at a less famous wall in Narragansett! I love the texture!

Here's Dana waiting for the ceremony to start in the air conditioned limo. The ceremony was at St. Peter's By the Sea. The people there were so nice and the church was beautiful!! (photo by Sarah)

Jared got a little choked up when they were exchanging vows. He was also nervous that he would grab the wrong ring to put on Dana's finger.

I was being a little fancy with this one.

I love the sand ceremony! I think it's a nice way to represent two people coming together as one.

Are you serious!? The wind blowing the veil... the beautiful church... the kiss! It all came together on this one! Definitely one of my favorites of the day!

Here's Sarah doing some sneaky snapping through a window with her fisheye lens! Love it!

The reception was at Atlantic Beach Club in Newport! Dana LOVED the finished look of the room there! They do a great job! Here's one of the many details...

We got this romantic shot outside on the beach!

The first dance...

Ummm, Sarah... I thought I told you to bring the big camera...

Sue from Moondance always plays great music and keeps the party going!

Doesn't Jared have a mischievous little smile in this one? That's because instead of giving Dana one bite of cake he fed her about seven! He wouldn't stop! It was pretty funny!

One of the themes of the day was a poem called "A Dance in the Moonlight". Here's Dana and Jared doing just that!

Ah! The Candy Bar! I love these! So many bright colors and fun things to photograph!

I wasn't the only one loving the candy bar!! The guests were crazy for it! It was a huge hit!!

It was an awesome day and we got so many great shots! Congrats on your marriage and best wishes for the years to come!! - Melissa

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