Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kathy and Neil at Blissful Meadows, Uxbridge MA 7.12.08 Photos by Mariah

You might remember Kathy and Neil from a previous blog... the super fun farm photodate! Well, now it's their turn to get married. Kathy was so relaxed, I wish I could say the same for Neil (Nervous in the dictionary has a photo of Neil next to it)! Or maybe he was just excited to marry Kathy!
Doesn't Kathy look relaxed in her slippers? She wore them all day! She is really tall so she doesn't need a heel... and she was able to dance the night away!!

Kathy and her sister Karen... I went to highschool with both of them!

Here's Neil doing a really good job of faking calm...

The bride ride... a BIG white hay truck from her dad's farm...

The big moment... Kathy told me she was most excited about seeing a ring on Neil's finger...

Greeting family and friends...

I love this sweet expression on Kathy's face.

When I drove up to the venue, I was REALLY excited about these barn doors!

This shot was Neil's one photo request of the day!

Neil thought of this one on the fly- and Kathy decided to add the bouquet. Pretty funny!


Kathy and the amazing techni-color gown, compliments of the DJ's...

Kathy's aunt... too cool.

What do you suppose he's trying to convey to me?
I'm awesome maybe?

I love how natural Kathy and Neil are together. They truly compliment each other.
Thanks for having me guys! I had a blast! Love, Mariah

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