Monday, June 30, 2008

Lindsey and Patrick, Watch Hill - Photos by Trish and Ara

The prediction was rain, but the reality was clear skies...sort of. If you were in the Rhode Island area on Saturday you know that it was a sunny and humid day and that by evening it was foggy, really foggy! So foggy at times that it looked like there was a smoke machine going. But at least it didn't rain! We had a great day and everything went off without a hitch.

An emotional moment when mom sees her daughter as a bride for the first time...

Lindsey had a beautiful linen dress by Vera Wang, it suited her so well.

I think this is what you call a 'fresh face', she's so beautiful!

Patrick proposed over a Scrabble game, so I thought this would be a fun surprise for them...

How adorable is Patrick before the ceremony...

Patrick patiently waiting in the back of the church with his brother and Dad.

Lindsey entering the Watch Hill Chapel with her Dad.

This is where is gets good... Patrick's awesome reaction when he first sees Lindsey. (photo by Ara)

Then Patrick gets this 'look' on his face and is delirious with happiness just looking at his bride. I mean REALLY delirious...(photo by Ara)

Then it looks like Patrick may pass out or something, he chugs water, he looks at Lindsey some more, he smiles at the crowd, he's okay...

But against all odds Patrick sails through the rest of the ceremony in an upright position, success, the crowd goes wild, and is very relieved!

The happy parents of the bride, who wouldn't be happy about their daughter marrying someone who is so nice and in love with her!

Patrick was so cute greeting all of the guests after the ceremony, he was still a little delirious...

The lovely Lindsey...

Patrick is now back to his normal self and ready for anything...something tells me that he will NEVER be able to live that down. But it really was so sweet to see his honest and emotions and sincerity.

Even though there was crazy fog we went to the beach for some photos.

I love this classic portrait. The lighting actually worked out to our benefit, no squinting!

The wedding party posing so nicely in the fog at the Shelter Harbor Golf Club.
A very sweet first dance. (Ara)
Spectacularly executed of course!
Although not the expected view of the golf course, very cool indeed.
Patrick gave a beautiful toast about how much he loves Lindsey and how fabulous of a person she is, he really is crazy about her, it was so great!
An excellent activity for the kids at a wedding...making gigantic straws! (Ara)

Lindsey's grandparents, the last on the dance floor for the anniversary dance, 66years!!!

My favorite lighting, the romantic blue light special.

The 411 on the Details:

Lindsey's Gown: Priscilla of Boston Ties: Brooks Brothers Venue: Shelter Harbor Golf Flowers: Broadview, Westerly

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