Friday, August 22, 2008

Colleen and Alex's Photodate with Mariah at Waterplace Park, Providence

I had a meeting yesturday morning, and my newest Snap! bride Katie (hey katie!) told me that I have the best job ever. She's right! I do! I love it! Look how I spent my Thursday evening!!! What a gorgeous night, and I spent it cruising around on a gondola in Providence with Marcello (our gondolier) and Colleen and Alex- two of the nicest most easy going people ever! Did I put enough exclamation points in my paragraph to convey my excitement?!!!!!!! I met Colleen and Alex in Waterplace park for our gondola ride. Colleen told me they had always wanted to try it- and so have I... and so we planned our date.
Fisheye lens... fun. These gondolas are so gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous... and clever Colleen wore red and black! I didn't even tell her to do that! If you BYOB Marcello supplies you with glasses, icebucket, and nibbles for the ride.

I LOVE this photo, sunflare is one of my favorite tricks- I also added some texture to this shot to give it a Vintage feel. Colleen and Alex are funky so I know they'll appreciate it.

My view from the front of the gondolier- we are headed down river toward the hurricaine barrier and our Snap! office.

I like the shadow of Marcello on the wall, Colleen is artsy so she noticed it too.


Romantical! Marcello approves...

It really looks like with could be in Venice!

Marcello pulled over so I could jump out and get these birdeye shots of Colleen and Alex- he picked me up on the other side of the bridge I was standing on. Clever!

Here we are going through a tunnel. You can only go thru it at low tide because the river is tidal and at times, there is only a few inches of space. We must have hit it just right. Marcello also sang us a lovely song as we passed thru the tunnel, it was very "phantom of the opera"!

The End.

Alex, Colleen & Marcello. If you haven't been for a ride, you must!!! It was a blast. Call Marcello for a reservation, you can get his information on their website,

Providence is so unique and beautiful. Colleen and Alex are getting married at the Cathedral and having their reception at the Biltmore on Halloween!

These guys are so sweet. Alex was only slightly traumatized by the photoshoot- but he did great! See Alex, I told you you'd look good. :)

Couple more smooches before we go...

See you guys in October! Can't wait!!!

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