Monday, August 25, 2008

Hilary and Josh Pre-Wedding Portrait at Mohegan Bluffs, Photos by Trish

Well, it was a spectacular week on Block Island!!! Everything was perfect. Hilary and Josh got married on Saturday, but we decided to get together last Wednesday evening for some informal shots on the beach. There was no way that she was walking down all those stairs in a wedding gown! Mohegan Bluffs is such a spectacular place, it sort of feels like the beaches of Hawaii believe it or not. Josh was pretty excited about getting some photos with the other love of his life, the Jeep! It's a 1984 cJ7 and he completely restored it to bring it back to it's original state, it looks brand new! Although they did not take me for a ride, I'm sure it's a blast to drive around the island in! Check back for the wedding photos in a few days...

This is a seriously steep stair case! I sort of thought I was going to die on the way back up!

But even the possible risk of a heart attack on the way back up is worth going down for, it's a magical place!

Right? Spectacular.

This side is rocky, but there is plenty of beach and swimming here too.


I gave Josh the riot act about wearing sun block during the next few days before the wedding so that he would not be like a lobster-groom on his wedding day, he understood. The main thing is that both people tan, when only one person is tan it can look a little off in the photos.

Hilary is so beautiful! She has such a 'fresh' face, in a good way!

Got to love the walking off into the sunset...

...and speeding off into the sunset too!

Good times!

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