Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lisa and John's Photodate with Mariah in Newport

So after sickness, rain, and a myriad of scheduling difficulties... the planets finally aligned and Lisa, John, and I were able to have our photo date! I appreciate the perseverance John, not to mention battling traffic to meet me. I think it was definitely worth it! Thanks for the effort! Lisa has such a lovely smile- look at those gorgeous teeth! John is doing the "cool- looking off into the distance pose". Actually, the view is pretty awesome & John has a nice profile. I told him I liked his salt and pepper hair, he said, "thanks- I had it done today." Wise guy!
We had a beautiful day and perfect weather. I think we deserved it after being rained out before! Lisa looks so summery in her dress. This is what I had in mind. This spot is in Newport, on a dead end street called Ledge Road. I had to do a bit of schmoozing and pleading with the local parking enforcement, but it was worth my groveling. Anything for a killer photo!
Smooching is a must.
My favorite shot of the day, highlighting Lisa's diamond of course.
Wasn't planning this one, but John anticipated the good shot- and was working it!

Tall...dark... and handsome! 3 for 3 Lisa!
I love this wall! It reminds me of Mexico. The outfits were working too- doesn't even look like Newport.

My second fav shot of the day.
So sweet.
I just turned them around, so now the wall is at my back... is this spot amazing or what?!
I asked to John to give Lisa a little lift... I figured he can handle it. I think she weighs about 90 pounds, she's itty bitty! I think he was tempted to throw her in the water after this, it would have made for a fun photo- but maybe next time!
Can't wait to see you guys again in September!

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