Friday, August 8, 2008

Corrie and Shane's Photodate with Mariah

Don't these two look so sweet and tame? Don't let this photo fool you! I had lulled them into a state of relaxation ... but it couldn't last very long, because they are actually FULL of energy and they are best buds who are more than a little shall we say competitive... read on!
How could I say such a thing about Corrie and Shane... here they are doing more cute poses...

AH HA! True colors!!! A thumb war!

Now for a jumping contest! Who can jump higher? I don't know Shane, Corrie defenitley has some loft. I am also afraid to say that while your legs are nice, hers are gorgeous! WOW!!

Here's shane being very creative and romantic. Too bad right after this photo he did a series of bunny ears and faces behind her back.

Cute again...

Of course this doesn't surprise me at all and explains a lot!

Guess they are going to duke it out! Stay tuned for the wedding in September. I wonder if Corrie will be able to do that in her dress?

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