Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jill and Brian at the Granite Links Country Club in Quincy MA Photos by Mariah and Melissa

It's not often that we get up to the Boston area... not that we don't want to- it's just that there are a lot of weddings to be photographed right here in our back yard. It's always nice to go somewhere new, and Jill and Brian found us through a really great couple that we photographed about 5 years ago! So off we went to Quincy....
Jill's gorgeous dress... photo by Melissa.
Jill is the lucky auntie of 3 gorgeous boys and 2 lovely girls. Her older sisters were nice enough to produce some really good looking kids. I don't know Jill, they set the bar pretty high! Peg, Jill's mom has beautiful black and white shots of them all over her house. Maybe she'll add this one to the collection?!
Jill's mom was standing behind me when I took this shot, we both knew it was going to be a WOW photo!

Jill, right before we leave for church...


Jill requested this shot, it's always the BEST moment! Photo by Melissa.

The two moms!

Brian toasting his bride- so sweet!

I love this photo! They look so relaxed. I like Brian's "man hands" on Jill's little waist. AW...

This one reminds me of Kansas or something... it's very "prairie!" Melissa.

Nice touch... photo by Melissa.

So, while Melissa is busy photographing the room- Linda from the Granite Links asks me if I know about the ruins... I don't. "What ruins?" I ask. "The ruins at the bottom of the property, it might be kind of cool for photos. I can take you in the golf cart if Jill and Brian want to go." she says.

This is where she takes us! What?!!!! I am totally stoked at this point. And no, I am not from California, I just like the word stoked.

Hey, Jill- hop up on that rock....

My FAV photo of the day!

Thank you Linda- you are the best!

Back to the party... Photo by Melissa

Jill added that gorgeous brown ribbon to her dress for the reception, I thought that was a fun touch.

And now she matches the cake!

Cheers! I think Jill is pretty stoked too (to be married to Brian!)

Granite Links is very sparkly.

And then we get a gorgeous sunset!

Some fun dancing moves... this guy is doing some sort of front flip... unfortunately he did NOT stick the landing! oops!

Some canoodling on the dance floor...

I think this little guy is spent-he partied pretty hard though!

Last Dance...

The view of the Boston skyline from the balcony- beautiful! THE END...

Hope you guys are having a terrific time in Hawaii-I think maybe all the Snap! Hawaii honeymooners should get together and have a coconut concoction for us!

To the friends and family...If you would like to see all of their photos when they are ready to view online, please click here. Just 'search for your event' by first names and date to sign up on Pictage.

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